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Innovative Business Models

The digital economy is now in search of new business models. More and more frequently, new services are offered even if the sustainability of their operation is not ensured: innovators are seeking formulas that will put in front of the production costs of these services, revenue that the market will accept to generate.

Moreover, on activities in increasing numbers, different business models are often tested. We see competition arising between business models: the competition has shifted from services to business models that can make consumers solvent. The innovation concerns now the business models as well as the products themselves. Product innovation, process organization and market design must from now on combine in innovative business models.

The Chair will organize, next Decembre 18th, with Beijing University, a seminar with two objectives:

  • firstly, to address innovation in terms of business models, analyze this emerging market of business models, addressing incidentally the issue of their protection, and attempt to characterize the business models involved in the digital economy,
  • and secondly, produce this analysis from two types of markets responding to different logics, the European market and the Chinese market.

This cultural comparison around the business models should provide an interesting field not only for studying the innovation processes at work on business models, but also to better identify structures that could allow their classification.