Innovation and Regulation in Information and Communications Technologies

On December 8, 2008

The Regulation of Digital Services organised a conference on the afternoon of December 11th , 2008, dedicated to Innovation and Regulation in ICTs.

This conférence welcomed :

Paul David, Professor of Economics (Emeritus) at Stanford University, Emeritus Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford,and Titular Professor in the Chair of Innovation and Regulation of Digital Services, and
Marshall van Alstyne, Associate Professorin the scool of management at Boston University and Visiting Professor at MIT,

and the video-conference participation of

Philippe Aghion, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, and
Nicholas Economides, Professor of Economics at Stern School of Business, New York University,

Conference proceedings and programme features:

– Brief introduction of the programme of the Chair and conference : Alain Vallée, Paul David
Innovation, openness & platform control, with Marshall van Alstyne,
– ICT services, innovation, and economic growth, with Philippe Aghion,
Effects of non-neutrality and price discrimination in network services, with Nicolas Economides
Networked digital technology diffusion in Europe’s public sector, with Paul David
– Conclusive remarks: Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Laurent Gille.