Team & Contributors

Several researchers contribute or have contributed to the creation and the development of the Innovation & Regulation Chair. They are coming from different labs, different universities, different countries, making the work of this Chair rich of all this experiences. They work on regulation and innovation with different approaches: economic model, market structure, marketing development, technical architecture. In this page, you can find their prifile and research activities.


  • Christine Zulehner

    Appointed on May 1st, 2016, as Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair, Christine Zulehner is Professor at University of Vienna, Department of Economics, since 09/2017.

    She is research also staff member at Austrian Institute of Economic Research.

    She was previously Professor of Industrial Organization and Financial Markets at Goethe University Frankfurt and the LOEWE center SAFE.

    She received her Ph.D. in Economics from Humboldt University Berlin and is interested in industrial organization, competition policy and applied microeconomics. Her research has been published in international journals such as the American Economic Review, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of Regulatory Economics, and Review of Financial Studies.

    Her research in the telecommunications industry has focused on substitutability between fixed and mobile telephony, retail and wholesale market definition in the broadband industry including implications for competition policy and market structure and market performance in e-commerce.

    In the context of the research program of the Chair, Christine plans to develop research on:

    – estimating demand for mobile tariffs/handsets,

    – market definition in the telecommunications industry, with implications for competition policy.

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  • Marc Bourreau

    Marc Bourreau

    Marc Bourreau is Professor of Economics at Telecom Paris, director of the Innovation & Regulation Chair at Telecom Paris, and a joint academic director of the Centre on Regulation in Europe  (CERRE).

    He is affiliated with the interdisciplinary institute for innovation (i3) for his research. He also teaches at Ecole Polytechnique and at Sciences Po.

    Marc Bourreau graduated in engineering from Telecom Paris in 1992. He received his doctorate in economics from University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas in 1999, and a “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” from University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2003. From 1997 to 2000, he worked as a regulatory economist at France Telecom/Orange. He became assistant professor at Telecom Paris in 2000, and full professor in 2007.

    Marc Bourreau has widely published in leading economics journals. He is Co Editor-in-Chief of Information Economics & Policy, and a member of the editorial boards of the Review of Network Economics, Telecommunications Policy and the DigiWorld Economic Journal (formerly, Communications & Strategies). He is also a member of the scientific committee of the Florence School of Regulation at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy), a CESifo Fellow and an associate researcher at Cepremap.

    His main research interests are in industrial organization, regulation, telecommunications, and digital economics.

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    Marc Bourreau
  • Hervé Dumez

    Hervé Dumez is Director of Research at CNRS, Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Innovation – i3 (UMR 9217) and Director of the Management Research Center CRG – École polytechnique.

    He is graduate from ENS-Ulm and holds an HDR of the University Paris IX-Dauphine

    His research focuses on the relationships between business strategies (market strategies, market definition and redefinition strategies, non-market strategies), market structures (the structuring elements that create the stability of operations, such as distribution structures) and regulatory phenomena (the rules, public or private, formal or informal, which guide strategic behavior).

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  • Marie Laure Allain

    Marie Laure Allain is professor in the Department of Economics at the Ecole polytechique, and researcher at the CNRS since 2001. She is also researcher at CREST-LEI.

    She holds a PhD in Economics from EHESS (2000), on « Market Structures and Regulations: The Basics of Power Relationships between Producers and Distributors« .

    She also holds a Habilitation to lead research at Toulouse 1 Capitole University « Essays in Competition Policy ». (2015).

    His research focuses on industrial organization: vertical relations, mergers, distribution, and competition policy.

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  • Lukasz Grzybowski

    Lukasz Grzybowski is Associate Professor at Telecom Paris. He received his PhD in economics from University of Munich in 2005, and a “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” from University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne in 2015. He is Editor of Review of Network Economics.

    His main research interests are in industrial economics, regulation, telecommunications and competition policy.


  • Philippe Chantepie

    Philippe Chantepie

    Philippe Chantepie is “Inspecteur général des affaires culturelles” in the Ministry for Culture and Communication. He is Associate Researcher in the “Innovation & Regulation in Digital Service” Chair.

    He was in charge of Strategy and Forecasting studies at the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (2010-2012), Head of the Department of Forecasting and Statistics Studies (DEPS) of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (2005-2010), technical adviser on internet regulation at the Ministry of Culture, ICT Project Manager at the Commissariat Général du Plan and member of the Mission e-commerce (1999-2000), after consulting in the sectors of culture, communication, banking and finance and philosophy teacher.

    He published in 2017, with Pierre-Jean Benghozi, “Jeux vidéo : l’industire Culturelle du XXIe siècle ?”

    He published also with Alain Le Diberder, Révolution numérique et industries culturelles, Coll. Repères, La Découverte (rééd. 2010) and La Nouvelle politique économique : l’État face à la mondialisation, Coll Major, Presses Universitaires de France (1998).

    Philippe Chantepie
  • Ulrich Laitenberger

    Ulrich Laitenberger is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and Social Sciences at Telecom Paris. He is also a research associate at the Centre for European Economic Research(ZEW). His main research interests are empirical industrial organization, competition policy and the economics of digitization. In particular, he focusses on the design and impact of digital markets and platforms.

  • Vincente Lagos

    Vincente Lagos is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Economics and Social Sciences in Telecom Paris.

    His main research interests are Competition Policy and Regulation. Currently his work is mainly focused on the hotel online booking sector, specifically on the assessment of the impact of price parity clauses on hotel performance and consumer welfare in Europe.

    He holds a PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), with a thesis titled “Essays on the Economics and Competition Assessment of Mergers”. The aim of the thesis was to propose and evaluate the accuracy of different tools designed to assess the magnitude of mergers` coordinated effects. In the past, he also worked as an economist for the Anti-Cartels Division of the Chilean Competition Authority. In addition, he taught an Industrial Organization lecture at the University of Chile (years 2010 and 2011), and was teaching assistant of an Applied Econometrics course at TSE (years 2014-2016). He holds an MSc in Economics of Markets and Organizations from TSE and a BSc in Economics from the University of Chile.

  • Alain Vallée

    Alain Vallée

    Alain Vallée began his carrer as teacher and researcher at Ecole Nationale des Télécommunications (Paris) and spent most of his career in the telecommunications sector. He worked in Telecom operators strategic and regulatory departments in Europe. He also spent five years as head of the economic and forecasting department of the Direction de la Réglementation Générale of the French Ministry of Telecommunications. He did participate to the European Commission works.

    He joined Télécom Paris in 2007 as Associate Researcher. He contributed to the launch of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair, chairing its Steering Committee.

    He received a PhD degree (Management Sciences) from Paris Dauphine University (1980).

    Alain Vallée


  • Frank Verboven

    Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair, from November 1st, 2012 until April 2016, Frank Verboven is Professor of Economics at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

    He is specialized in industrial organization, competition policy and regulation. His research in the telecommunications industry has focused on investment and adoption of new technologies, and the effects of service-based and infrastructure-based competition.

    In the context of the research program of the Chair, Frank plans developped research on:

    • Investment and adoption of mobile and broadband technologies in developed and developing countries.
    • Retail and wholesale market definition in the broadband industry, with implications for competition policy.
    • Substitutability between traditional and internet distribution channels for music sales.

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  • Tommaso Valletti

    Appointed, October 1st, 2010, as Titular Professor of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair, until october 2012, Tommaso Valletti is Professor of Economics at Imperial College, London.

    He is an expert in Industrial Organization and has written extensively on the economics and regulation of telecommunications markets. He is currently interested in the dynamics of platform competition.

    In the context of the research program of the Chair, Tommaso developped:

    • Empirical projects on the “ladder of investments” in broadband, on international roaming and on consumers’contractual choices.
    • Theory-based projects on Net Neutrality, a concept on which the debate is still very confused, even among economists.

    These projects were developed with the works of post-docs and research resources of the Chair’s partners.

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  • Paul A. David

    Appointed as the first Visiting Professor, Titular of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair in October 2007 and held this position until October 2010, Paul A. David is Professor (Emeritus), Senior Fellow of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Ph.D., A.B. Harvard University, M.A. University of Oxford, Dottore Honoris Causa University of Turin.

    All his theoretical and empirical research gave to the Chair a high level international basis.

    Research Interests: The economics of technological, demographic, and institutional change, and other areas of theoretical and empirical research on the nature of path-dependence in economic processes; economic history, with special reference to long-term productivity growth and development in the U.S. and the North Atlantic economies since 1790.

    Current Research: Economics of science and technology, and technology policy, with special reference to impact of intellectual property rights protections on the direction and conduct of “open collaborative research in science and engineering; implications of advances in computer-mediated telecommunications for collaborative development of information-goods (e.g., free/libre and open source software development) and general purpose organizational mechanisms supporting “distributed problem-solving for innovation.”

    Representative Recent Publications: (1) Simulating Code Growth in Libre (Open-Source) Mode, (with Jean-Michel Dalle) in Internet and Digital Economics, E. Brousseau and N. Curien (eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. [Revision of SIEPR Discussion Paper available at 04-002], (2) “Innovation and Universities’ Role In Commercializing Research Results: Second Thoughts about Enthe Bayh-Dole Experiment,” in Innovation in Europe , ed. F. Brusoni and F. Malerba, Cambridge U.P. 2007. [Available as SIEPR Discussion Paper No. 04-027 (May 2005)], (3) “Economic policy analysis and the Internet: Coming to terms with a telecommunications anomaly,” Ch. 6 in Oxford Handbook on Information and Communication Technologies, edited by C. Ciborra, R. E. Mansell, D. Quah and R. Silverstone, Oxford University Press, 2007, (4) Path Dependence A Foundational Concept for Historical Social Science, Cliometrica, 1(2) Spring 2007.[Available as SIEPR Discussion Paper No. 06-008 (October 2006)], (5) “Dynamics of Innovation in an Open Source Collaboration Environment: Lurking, Laboring and Launching FLOSS Projects on SourceForge,” (with F. Rullani) SIEPR Discussion Paper No. 07-022Industrial and Corporate Change, (6) “The Historical Origins of Open Science” SIEPR Discussion Paper No. 06-038 (revised December): 81 pp. single spaced. Forthcoming in Capitalism and Society, (7) “Science, Technology and Innovation for Economic Growth: Towards Linking Policy Research and Practice in STIG Systems,” (with P. Aghion and Dominique Foray), SIEPR Discussion Paper No. 06-039 (Revised July 2007), Forthcoming in Research Policy. (December 2007), Forthcoming in

    Teaching Interests: Undergraduate and graduate courses in (1) American economic history, (2) economics of science and technology, (3) path dependence in economic processes. Graduate research seminars: Social Science History Workshop, Social Science and Technology Seminar.

    Professional Affiliations: Senior Fellow, and KNIIP Program Leader at Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR); Senior Fellow of the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford; Professorial Fellow of MERIT, University of Maastricht. International Econometric Society (Fellow), American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Member), American Philosophical Society (Fellow), British Academy (Ordinary Fellow). Founding Editor, Journal of Innovation and New Technology. American Economic Association. Economic History Association (past President), Royal Economic Society (former Member of Council), Economic History Society, International Cliometric Society.

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  • Pierre-Jean Benghozi

    Pierre-Jean Benghozi

    Until his appointment, January 9, 2013, as a Member of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (ARCEP), Pierre-Jean Benghozi was Director of the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair at École polytechnique, chair founded jointly with Télécom Paris. Pierre-Jean Benghozi is Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and Professor at École Polytechnique.

    Pierre-Jean Benghozi has an initial scientific education in engineering from the the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) and is graduated, additionally, in Management studies (PhD) and Economic (Priv.- Doz).

    Research Director at the National Centre for Scientific Resarch (CNRS) and professor at the École Polytechnique. He headed up, until 2013, the Centre for Management and Economic Research (PREG).

    Pierre-Jean Benghozi developed, since the early eighties, pioneering research unit and programs on Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media and Culture. His recent projects draw attention to the adoption and uses of ITC in large organizations, the structuring of ITC-supported markets and supply chains, the characterization of competitive business models, expressly in creative industries. Pierre-Jean Benghozi publishes on these topics more than 150 academic international publications. Board member of scientific committee in highest French institutions and numerous international scientific conferences and academic journals, Pierre-Jean Benghozi taught regularly in major Universities and is frequently requested as an expert by public bodies and private organizations.

    Pierre-Jean Benghozi
  • Laurent Gille

    Laurent Gille is teaching economics and is a researcher at Télécom Paris. A gra­dua­te of the Éco­le Na­tio­na­le de la Sta­tis­ti­que et de l’Ad­mi­nis­tra­tion Éco­no­mi­que (EN­SAE, 1974), he holds a PhD in management sciences. He founded, jointly with Ecole polytechnique, the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Srvices Chair.

    He be­gan his ca­reer at the French Mi­nis­try of Trans­port and la­ter wor­ked for Air Fran­ce. During 20 years, he has been a consultant in networks economics and regulation as well as in the study of exchange mechanisms and economic mediation, in various consultancies (Idate, Sirius, Bipe). He is presently studying the regulation of telecommunications, especially in developing countries, and emerging business models in a digital economy.

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  • Nicolas Curien

    Nicolas Curien, Emeritus Professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) was an associate researcher at the Innovation & Regulation Chair of Digital Services in 2012 until his appointment as a member of the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audivisuel (CSA), the French media ans communications regulator.

    From 2005 to 2011, he was a member of the French regulator for telecommunications and postal services (ARCEP).

    He began his career as a researcher at Télécom Paris, then in charge of economic studies at the Direction générale des télécommunications. In 1986, he joined the Department of National Defense as advisor to the Minister and then Deputy Director of Economic Studies at the Delegation for General Studies. In 1989, he became deputy director of the National School of Statistics and Economic Administration (ENSAE) at the Ministry of Economy and, in 1992, he was appointed holder of the chair « Economics and telecommunications policy » CNAM.

    Nicolas Curien also taught economics at the École Polytechnique from 1985 to 2005, where he chaired the Department of Economics. Since 2000, he has been a founding member of the Academy of Technology and the author of several books and articles in the fields of industrial economics, network economics and the digital economy.

    He is graduate from École Polytechnique and Télécom Paris,

  • Philippe Baumard

    Philippe Baumard is Professor of the Universities, CNAM, Paris, Professor at the Ecole de guerre économique and associate researcher at the  Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair.

  • Alain Jeunemaitre

    Directeur de recherche CNRS-PREG/CRG –École polytechnique
    Professeur chargé de cours à l’École polytechnique
    Associate Fellow – Said Business School / Centre for Socio Legal Studies – University of Oxford
    Associate Fellow – Department of Management – London School of Economics
    Membre Comité Scientifique SESAR JU Commission Européenne
    Reviewer ANR
  • Yutec Sun

    Yutec Sun

    Ph.D., Marketing, University of Toronto, 2013.
    Thesis Committee: Avi Goldfarb (chair), Ron Borkovsky, Victor Aguirregabiria
    M.S., Statistics, Michigan State University, 2007.
    B.A, Philosophy, Seoul National University, 2003.

    Professional Experience
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Telecom Paris, 2013–Present.
    Instructor, University of Toronto, 2010–2011.
    Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto, 2009.
    Research Assistant, University of Toronto, 2007–2010.
    Research Assistant, Michigan State University, 2006.
    Teaching Assistant, Seoul National University, 2003–2004.

    Working Papers
    – The Value of Branding in Two-Sided Platforms.
    A Computationally Efficient Fixed Point Approach to Structural Estimation of Aggregate Demand
    (with Masakazu Ishihara).
    – Instrumental Variables and Control Function Methods in Models with Slope Endogeneity

    Conference Presentations
    –  A Computationally Efficient Fixed Point Approach to Structural Estimation of Aggregate Demand
    European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2013
    Joint Statistical Meetings, San Diego CA, July 2012
    INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Boston MA, June 2012

    – The Value of Branding in Two-Sided Platforms
    ZEW Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies, Mannheim,
    Germany, June 2013
    Annual International Industrial Organization Conference, Arlington VA, March 2012
    INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Houston TX, June 2011

    Honors and Awards
    Travel Award, Section on Statistics in Marketing, American Statistical Association, 2012
    School of Graduate Studies Conference Grant, University of Toronto, 2011
    Doctoral Scholarship, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, 2007 – present.

    Yutec Sun
  • Nessrine Omrani

    Nessrine Omrani

    Nessrine Omrani was Post-doctoral researcher for the Chair Innovation and Regulation of Digital Services and Ecole Polytechnique of Paris (2012). She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Paris-Sud (september 2012), her thesis is titled “Information Technologies, E-skills and Job Performance: Evidence from Europe”.

    She is now Associate Professor at Paris School of Business.

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    Nessrine Omrani
  • Frago Kourandi

    Postdoctoral researcher for the Chair on « Innovation and Regulation of digital services »
    (January 2011 – June 2012), Department of Economics & Social Sciences, Telecom

    She is now economist at the Market & Competition Monitoring Unit of the Regulatory Authority for Energy in Athens.

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  • Matthijs den Besten

    Matthijs Den Besten

    Dr. Matthijs den Besten, is assistant professor at Montpellier Business School. Since 2010 he has been involved as teacher and tutor in a master’s degree program on Innovation, Regulation and the Digital Economy (Master IREN).

    As part of his research for the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair, Matthijs den Besten, this research was focused on the regulation of information access in creative industries, ICT-mediated, activities involving many participants. It includes the analysis of practices that emerge among communities on the Internet as well as the analysis of the impact of access restrictions that are imposed on groups of collaborators or competitors in more experimental settings.


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    Matthijs Den Besten
  • Elisa Salvador

    Elisa Salvador

    Affiliate researcher for the Chair Innovation and Regulation of Digital Services in- 2012-2015, Elisa Salvador holds an International PhD in “Institutions, Economics & Law (IEL)” from the University of Turin (Italy).

    She has worked for the Italian National Research Council (CNR) since 2001 on several projects focused on innovation policies. In 2005 she won the Italian National Research Council (CNR) award “Promotion of Research 2005”, Project for young researchers, with the research project “The financing of research spin-off firms: an analysis of the Italian case”. She recently collaborated with the Polytechnique of Turin (Italy) on the European project “Open Innovation in Alpine SMEs (OPEN-ALPS)”, with the Chaire Entrepreneuriat of the Business School ESCP Europe as well as with the Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche Amérique Latine Europe of the Business School ESCP Europe. Her research focused on R&D and innovation in cultural and creative industries. She published several scientific papers on research spin-offs, science parks, incubators and SMEs.

    In 2017, she is teaching at ESSCA

    More information


    Elisa Salvador
  • Laura Recuero-Virto

    Laura Recuero-Virto was researcher in the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair in 2007-2009.

    She received a double training of engineer and economist. Master of Science in radiocommunications on mobile, radar and satellite communications from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, and Master in International Trade from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

    She also received a PhD in Economics from the Toulouse School of Economics. She also received a HDR in 2016 from Pais Dauphine University.

    She works on Industrial organization, economics of regulation, development economics, economic growth, applied economics, in Africa and Latin America.

    She has a specific interest in Reforms of public utilities and regulatory institutions in Africa and Latin America, budgetary institutions, fiscal performance.

    She joined the French Railway and Road Regulatory Authority in 2017.