Health and RFID

On December 11, 2008

Programme and presentations of the Workshop

RFID is not new, neither as a new technology (more than 20 years) nor as new industrial applications. Nevertheless, RFID did not reach all expected applications. Numerous and various prototypes and trials are promising but there are no broad implementations yet.  We propose to question about factors influencing the spreading of this technology and effects of RFID solutions on organizations and value chains. During a workshop organized last December 12th, 2008, the work was structured on three main thematics:

1 – Regulation and governance

a – technical stakes and standardization
b – regulation : role of public institutions (States, EU,FDA,…)
c – privacy and ethics

2 – Impacts on processes :

a – Strategic dimension of projects
b – Logistics and organizational design
c –  Marketing and innovation

3 – Impacts on value chains : health sector case

a – Comparison between European and US situation.
b – Sector regulation
c – Decreasing of medical errors and improvements of medical care
d – Risks, security and players responsibility
e – Costs control and process rationalization.