Duty of Care for Internet service providers

On November 30, 2010

In the framework of its seminars cycle, the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair, welcomed, november 30th, 2010 Nico van Eijk, Professor, Institute for Information Law (IvIR), University of Amsterdam. Nico’s presentation addressed the issue of Duty of Care for Internet service providers.

The research, lead by Nico van Eijk, provides an outlook on the possible options for the future commitments of ISP and hosts and support the discussions with the various industrial players involved in the security of the internet.

Comparative analysis between the Nederland, France, the UK, and Germany has been structured following five tracks (network security and integrity of systems , the role of ISPs in the protection of copyright, pedo-pornography, identity fraud and sale of stolen goods on auction sites) in order to understand the role of governments and the grounds of the approaches they selected (regulation , self -regulation , co -regulation and the role of technology).

Nico’s presentation

Research summary