Workshop on interoperability

From June 23, 2009 to June 24, 2009

The Innovation & Regulation Chair of digital services (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris & Telecom ParisTech) and the International Journal of Communications Law and Policy (IJCLP) organised a first joint Workshop on Interoperability which took place on June 23-24, 2009 in Paris, France. Students, scholars, policy-makers, technologists, practitioners and industry representatives were invited to participate on interoperability related issues, analyzed from a legal, economic and/or technological perspective.


Urs Gasser, Law Ewecutive Director, Berkman Center and St Gallen
ICT Interoperability and e-Innovation

Mario Carugi,  Vice President ITU, Senior Advisor Nortel
Some ITU-T standardization topics and related interoperability aspects

Nicolo Zingales, Berkeley University, Bocconi University
DRM Misuse

Jean-Pierre Témime, Deputy CTO, Orange Group
Fragmentation vs Interoperability

Mikko Valimaki, Professor, Helsinki University of Technology
How to license interoperability? A start-up perspective

Bruno Jullien, IDEI, Toulouse School of Economics
Monetizing Business Assets in Multisided Markets: An Economic Perspective

Philippe Baumard, PREG-CRG, Chaire Innovation & Regulation des Services Numériques
Service making vs Interoperability

Cecilio Madero-Villarejo, Director-DG Competition-European Commission
The Microsoft case

Carlo Piana, Lawyer
Interoperability, Open standards, free software after Microsoft

Mark Lange, Senior Officer Microsoft

Ashwin Vanrooijen, Clifford Chance
The So’ware Interface between Copyright and Competition Law. A Legal Analysis of Interoperability in Computer Programs

Laura DeNandis, Yale Information Society Project