Internet of Things

On September 26, 2012

The Innovation & Regulation in Digital Services Chair organized, September 26, 2012, a conference on « Internet of Things ». It gathered together academics and professionals and addressed both on going developments and legal and standardization issues.

Programme of the conference and presentations

This conference was also associated with an edition of Communication & Strategies journal, dedicated to Internet of Things where some of the presentations are published :

Eric Barbry, The Internet of Things, Legal aspects.

Jérôme Couturier, Davide Sola, Giovanni Scarso Borioli, Cristina Raiciu, How can the Internet of Things help to overcome current healthcare Challenges.

Antonio Manzalini, Roberto Minerva, Vânia Gonçalves, Halos Networks : A competitive way to Internet of-with things.

Gilles Privat, Extending the Internet of Things