The Economic models of the book industry and the digital economy

On June 15, 2010

The Innovation and Regulation in Digital Services Chair organized, last June 15th, within the framework of the GIS ?Culture-Media & Numérique? and in partnership with the CEPN-University Paris 13, a seminar on “the economic models of the book and the digital economy”. It joined together more than one hundred  people. The presentations aimed at exploring the economic models before wondering about the right regulation able to accompany the digital evolution.

If it is possible to draw the first conclusions from the impacts of the digital evolution on the music industry  (collapse of the sales of CDs, revival in the concerts, reorganization of the Majors, but also multiplication of the offerings, domination of the aggregation and regulation platforms, competition between business models), what about the Book industry ? The case of the book and the text could be more symbolic than the music and the video case because the digital evolution makes it possible to enrich the text and to deeply transform the usual formats, the platforms becoming as much platforms of production that of diffusion.

Report on the conference and presentations (documents in French)