7th conference on Economics of Information and Communication Technologies

From January 24, 2014 to January 25, 2014

Hosted by the Innovation & Regulation Chair at Telecom ParisTech, this 2-day international conference gathered in Paris academic researchers involved in the field of the economics of Information & Communication Technologies. Theoretical, empirical as well as policy-oriented articles were presented on : Search Engine and Internet, Two-sided markets, Media, Net Neutrality, Broadband, Telecoms and Internet.

Organizing committee: Marc BOURREAU – Lukasz GRZYBOWSKI – Frank VERBOVEN

Keynote speakers:

Avi GOLDFARB (University of Toronto): “Crowdfunding and the Geography of Innovation”

Yossi SPIEGEL (Tel Aviv University): “Social Media and Buyers’Power: The Cottage Cheese Boycott”

See the detailed programme and papers of the conference