Laurent Gille

Member of the Membre des


Laurent Gille is teaching economics and is a researcher at Télécom Paris. A gra­dua­te of the Éco­le Na­tio­na­le de la Sta­tis­ti­que et de l’Ad­mi­nis­tra­tion Éco­no­mi­que (EN­SAE, 1974), he holds a PhD in management sciences. He founded, jointly with Ecole polytechnique, the Innovation & Regulation in Digital Srvices Chair.

He be­gan his ca­reer at the French Mi­nis­try of Trans­port and la­ter wor­ked for Air Fran­ce. During 20 years, he has been a consultant in networks economics and regulation as well as in the study of exchange mechanisms and economic mediation, in various consultancies (Idate, Sirius, Bipe). He is presently studying the regulation of telecommunications, especially in developing countries, and emerging business models in a digital economy.

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